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The Knesset passes law to establish the PA profession in Israel- Making History

Posted 11 months ago by Adina Freud

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Eloquently written by Sarena Kalish- a proud and fellow PA already residing in Israel!

History is made!!! The PA profession now officially exists in Israel!!! About an hour ago, a bill was passed unanimously in the Israeli Kenesset (government) approving the PA profession here as is currently exists in the US.
Edited to add: ***We will be known as PHYSICIAN ASSOCIATES, or עמית רופא in Hebrew, a title the US is also trying to implement now****
As I sit here in tears thinking about what a dream come true this is, I think about how much this will change things for PAs, but also how much this will change things for the Israeli medical system. The medical system here, which is socialized, is in dire need of more providers, and this will be a game changer.
Although PAs already kind of existed here in certain very specific capacities, it was nowhere near what the profession is meant to be, based on the US model. And now we are well underway getting to that point. Things won’t change overnight. We have a lot of work and education to do. The profession, having been in its fetal stage for about 10 years, is now in its infancy.
But we are here to stay, and ready to be the pioneers, and the first PAs in Israel, paving the path for many PAs to join us from the US and to be trained here as well.
Thanks to so many people at @nefeshbnefesh who have been lobbying for us for years, and doing so much work to make this happen for us.
Yalla, PAs, it’s time to make aliyah!


David Mittman 9 months ago

Mazel Tov from an American PA leader! Any help you need let me and the many in leadership here know.

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